A drip embraces tradition and innovation

A never-existed coffee experience in the world now comes to life.
HIDE IZAKI brings tradition and innovation in every drip.

The only place in the world
for an exclusive coffee full-course

HIDE IZAKI visited coffee farms all over the world in search for the rarest coffees and carefully selected the finest which are limited in supply and offered globally for only a few kilograms. Cokuun exclusively invites only four guests at a time to make an immersive environment where visitors can enjoy a sheer pleasure of the special coffee experience. That is just the beginning of the experience at Cokuun. Cokuun repositions coffee as an ingredient. Just like bartenders mixing cocktails, we blend coffee with seasonal ingredients of the Japanese nature, to create a completely new coffee experience. We also offer a wide variety of Japanese confectioneries made from ingredients nurtured in Japan's climate and when paired with coffee, they reveal the different tastes. Come visit Cokuun and enjoy a one-of-a-kind coffee omakase full-course offered nowhere else in the world. You will see the barista’s art, over the counter, of transforming the ingredients into the unique tastes of Cokuun's coffee.

Chanoyu and coffee come from different cultures
and create a fusion

Transcending social status, tea house guided people to the enlightenment of Zen. Transcending race, border and language, coffee liberated the spirit of people. The two resonate deeply and intrinsically with each other and leads us to the deep and exploring universe of coffee, through the eyes of Chanoyu.

Sharing a vanguard coffee experience with you

Cokuun is extending its membership base to a wider audience by reservations. Visit Cokuun to savor a completely new experience of coffee, which is exclusive to Japan and to Cokuun, offered to you through the filters of HIDE IZAKI. Looking forward to seeing you here.

Sharing a glance of the meticulous attention to detail of our novel coffee experience exclusively offered nowhere else in the world but only at Cokuun.

The Water of Life breathes a new lease of life into coffee

Cokuun makes extraordinary effort in selecting the water to brew coffee. Water is a symbol of Japan's rich nature and culture. In quest of the best tasting water in the country, we traveled to various water sources, and finally found the answer in Japanese sake breweries. What we were looking for was the brewing water which determines the taste of sake. The Water of Life comes from the sky and is nurtured by the nature and breathes life into coffee.

Served with special tea ceremony utensils

It is a special place with only four seats. The finest tea utensils are selected from all over Japan. Water is boiled in an iron kettle made of Tama-Hagane, the finest Japanese Wazuku or “pig iron” from ancient times. The hospitality of a tea ceremony room welcomes the visitors.

A drip for once in a lifetime

Zen considers no two raindrops as the same. Seasons bring different tastes. Features of the utensils develop over years. Every drip has a different face revealed one after another. Savor a moment of Wabi-sabi with the coffee at Cokuun.

Meet us at Cokuun

Our two baristas will greet you at each session.
They demonstrate their unique personalities through presentation of their different edits of the coffee full-course.
This is another aspect of the uniqueness you can experience only at Cokuun.
Hidenori Izaki
Hide Izaki
Miki Suzuki
Miki Suzuki
Access to Cokuun
Cokuun is a 10-minute walk from Omotesando Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
The exact address will be provided after your reservation is confirmed.